Selasa: 30 Oktober, 2007
FEEDJIT LogoIf you scroll at the right sidebar of this blog, you will find a widget from FEEDJIT. Why do i use this widget? Feedjit's mission is to provide high performance real-time widgets for the blogging community that are free and easy to use. For your knowledge, FEEDJIT serves over 70 Million widgets every month.

Okay.. i use it because: first of all.. it is FREE without any subscription. And the 2nd one.. it is so easy in installing & using it. The 3rd one.. i love to know from where the visitors are coming from. :)

As I said before, Feedjit widgets are all free. Furthermore, we don't need to register to get them for our blog or website. The widgets are also extremely lightweight and won't slow our site down.

Either we're a Blogger or Typepad user, we can install any of our widgets with one click. If we use a different platform or if we're installing Feedjit in a website, then simply cut and paste the script Feedjit provide into our blog template or website HTML. Feedjit will appear in the position we paste the script.

For now, FeedJit have 4 special gadgets. Choose & install those widgets which 'really' suit your need...

1. Live Traffic Feed
2. Live Traffic Map
3. Live Recommended Reading
4. Live Page Popularity


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