January 28, 2008 15:20 PM

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 28 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian government's efficiency is improving and rated sixth best in the world in 2007, compared to its eighth placing in year 2000, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

Quoting the World Competitiveness Year Book, released by IMD, a Switzerland-based leading global business school, Abdullah said Malaysia which was measured in the group of countries with a population of 20 million and above, was ranked better than the United Kingdom, Germany, Thailand, Spain, Japan, Russia and France.

"Above us are China, Canada, the USA, India and Taiwan," he said when addressing about 8,000 civil servants at the 8th Civil Servants' Premier Gathering (Mappa) here Monday.

Abdullah said the Malaysian government's efficiency could be seen in the enhancement of its delivery system, including in its public service sector, as a result of the strong commitment of the civil servants to give the best to the people.

Besides that, he said, various efforts were undertaken by the government throughout last year to improve public service delivery, resulting in lesser complaints from the public.

"The efforts in 2007 were the beginning and were very encouraging. The administrators, media and public could feel the positive changes. With that, I like to congratulate the public servants who have worked hard to bring about those changes."

However, Abdullah said, a lot more could be done for public service in this country to be the best in the world.

"If 2007 was the start, 2008 should be the strengthening phase. Maintaining the standards achieved does not denote excellence, but improving the standards and achievements to emerge the top in its class."

Sebenarnya.. masih 'terlalu' banyak yang perlu dilakukan..

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rational thinker said... @ 8:53 AM

I have posted on this "ranking no 6" here...


I would encourage you as well as other malaysians NOT TO READ things off UTUSAN on its face value.

PM Badawi not just twisted some statistics facts and claiming "honour" for itself, padahal, he have done nothing to improve the country (as ranked to IMD's criteria). Further more, in reality, our real rank is 23 (in 2007).

PakTeh said... @ 12:53 PM

rational thinker: thanks for your comment. yes, u are right. i need to do some research too next time, avoiding these issues of numeric values. your post is a good one, dude. thanks again.

Farah B said... @ 1:50 PM

i guess, our press has the right to put in any statistics as long as it favours the government. if it doesn't then, they wont be able to make money anymore. that's what our country is. never disagree with the government for any reasons! and we are a democratic country! LOL

PakTeh said... @ 3:24 PM

farah b:dan kita kena telan apa juga yang disuap? LOL.

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